Gemini: Officially the Coolest Celebrity Star Sign

Gemini: Officially the Coolest Celebrity Star Sign

A list of hip celebrities and pop culture icons born under the Zodiac sign Gemini, which runs from 21st May to the 21st June.

May 21st – No doubt pitying the fool born under any other star sign: Mr T

24th May – Folk music hero and pop music institution Bob Dylan was ’born under the red sky’ on this day.

26th May - They don’t come much cooler than snake-hipped rocker Lenny Kravitz.

28th May – Is antipodean pop princess Kylie Minogue’s birthday. 

30th May -Clint Eastwood is a Gemini whose brooding cool in Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns earned him legend status.

31st May- Must be an astrological day for badboys, both hell-raising Irish actor Colin Farrell and madman Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham were born on this day.

1st June – One of the most beautiful actresses of all time and one of the original pin ups, Marilyn Monroe was born on the first. A more contemporary pin-up, German model Heidi Klum, was too.

4th June - Often voted the most attractive mother in the world, Brad Pitt’s better half Angelina Jolie is a Gemini too.

6th June - Libertine’s guitarist/front man Carl Barat, guitar hero Steve Vai and lunatic funnyman Russell Brand all celebrate their special day on the 6th.

7th June - is the day the pint sized artist formerly known as a squiggle, Prince was born.

9th June- A modern icon of detached coolness, Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands actor Johnny Depp was born on this day. Also born on the 9th of June, Léon and Star Wars actress Natalie Portman.

14th June – The man’s face emblazons everything from t-shirts to necklaces, coffee cups, walls and human bodies. Radical icon Che Guevarawas also a Gemini, now that’s cool!

15th June - Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle shares this birthday with yours truly!

16th June – Hip Hop icon 2pac Shakur was born on the 16th.

18th June – With love from me to you on your birthday, Sir Paul McCartney is a fully fledged Gemini.

20th June – Dashing original Robin Hood Errol Flynn just makes it in as a Gemini, rounding up this list as cool as a cucumber!

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JoseI, posted this comment on Jun 10th, 2009

very interesting.

Gemstone, posted this comment on May 10th, 2010

there’s a whole lot more people you didn’t list under Gemini stars that are hella cool, and iconic. Geminis leave an epic impression on this world. Shia LaBeouf, an upcoming best actor of his generation is born under June 11, so is Dr Oz, coolest Dr EVER!! Prince is a music icon, JKF is an iconic president (same birthday as me), and Bob Hope as well. Notorious BIG, just like 2Pac, is also a hip hop icon, for the EastCoast. i want to say Kanye West, he’s not a hip hop icon, though he is talented at it and at being a bad boy, which is what Gem men are known for. Prince William is a Gemini, the oh so influential iconic Queen Victoria, and Queen Mary. All signs will say their sign is the best, but you can’t deny by our list….that Geminis are truly the best!

Panther, posted this comment on Nov 14th, 2010

HEEEY! Im a Gemini too. I joke, but you did forget Roberto Duran the savage boxer. And collin Farell I guess, he is like one of the few decent leading male actors in Hollywood. Morgan Freeman is a Gemini as well and he is dope. I would have to say kanye is an Icon. He has revolutionized the hip hop game and artistically is just ahead of everybody, without mentioning his swagger hurts everybody who hates.

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